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The White Stone Ceremony — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve never attended a Unity church, but have a dear friend who attends. What a cool concept.

    An aside, our church did a cool thing not long ago- we built a mosaic together. Everyone was given a piece and we placed it into a pattern. The result hangs in our sanctuary, to remind us all that when God brings together the broken bits of humanity, it builds something beautiful. 🙂

    • Hi, Mary,

      Thanks for visiting writebythesea.com. The mosaic your church members built sounds lovely. And what a nice symbol of things coming together.

  2. Love this, Suzanne! What a wonderful idea. I don’t think I’ve heard of Unity churches before.

    • Hi, Pam,

      Unity started in Kansas City many years ago, and that’s where we used to live, so that’s how we found out about Unity. And Florida has lots of Unity churches, which is nice. Thanks for dropping by.