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Fun and Attractive Ways to Organize Your Writing Space — 9 Comments

    • Hi, Sharon.

      Yeah, I find it can be fun to get organized. I enjoy looking for attractive folders and things – like the peacock file folders in the photo for this post – to help me stay organized.

      Happy organizing and happy writing!


  1. I love reading the morning nudge every day. It inspires me and helps me as a new beginning writer. I find lots of good tip and tricks to help myself.

    thanks for the is one on organizing . I have been thinking that i need a new spot to write. I just write in my living room on the end of the couch where i have a tv table and my laptop. I often have to get up and down to find my binders,pens,etc.

    I will work on space for myself. Also I love your timer idea for social media. I find the time will slip away on Facebook,Pinterest etc.

    I love your ocean setting pictures. It reminds me of my trip to Florida and being on the ocean there. It looks so inspiring to be alble to write and read every afternoon at the beach

    • Hi, Nancy,

      I’m glad you enjoy The Morning Nudge. And it’s good that you are going to set up a new spot just for your writing. It is best if you have a place where you can keep all your writing materials. And, as you can see from my writing table, it doesn’t have to be big.

      Yes, it is inspiring to write and read every afternoon at the beach. I love it!

      Happy writing!


  2. Hi Suzanne,

    This is just the sort of inspiration I need to organize my work space. Like you, I live in a condo and have just a small desk in a corner of my second bedroom to use for my work, but it’s so disorganized I won’t show it to anyone. Now I have some easy and fun ways to fix up my space to make it attractive to work in. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi, Angela,

      I love living in a small space, but it is challenging sometimes to stay organized. That’s why I decided to make it fun with attractive and creative organizational materials. Enjoy getting organized!


  3. So good ! But the very challenge is the lap top with protective purple cover.

    Thanks a lot for your articles.

    • Hey,

      I’m not sure I understand why the lap top is the very challenge. Do you mean you don’t have a lap top? Then just use whatever you have. And have fun organizing your writing space!


  4. Finally got to read this; I had it marked because I knew it fit a need. I have a tiny space which is actually “large” compared to yours. I will use a few of these ideas right away, especially the file folders to unclutter the stacks of papers that accumulate.

    I haven’t yet turned loose of the idea that I do not need a hard copy for everything.

    Thanks again, Suzanne.